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A ‘me’ Day

Today I decided that I was gonna have a ‘me’ day. Yeah, I did feel bad taking a day off but it’s not like I have a ‘me’ day very often. Unfortunately the morning wasn’t as relaxed as I had hoped but in the end, I achieved everything I wanted to achieve: Go to Acai Brothers. It really is a great place. Even if the food/drink was bad… I’d go there just for the customer service. They even helped me take it all back to my car! Here’s a few pics along with some selfies (of course).

Freeman: acai mask

Hey hey hey lovelies! Last week I went to Bijenkorf and as I told you last week. The sale is going o

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Freeman: acai mask

Fashion Island|Packing District Ft. John & Bae

Pulled Pork Sandwich “Basic” Acai Bowl Chicken Curry w/ Garlic Nann Mango Bingsoo (Caffe Bene) Honey Bread 33.622530 -117.880080

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Fashion Island|Packing District Ft. John & Bae

Blueberry PowrPops

The days are getting long and hot. Cool down with a Blueberry PowrPop made with the Amazon PowrBlend

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Blueberry PowrPops

Vegan Immunity Boosting Acai bowl – Gluten-Free, Corn-Free, Dairy-Free

A thick berry, acai and banana mixture is poured into a bowl and topped with antioxidant-rich garnis

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Vegan Immunity Boosting Acai bowl – Gluten-Free, Corn-Free, Dairy-Free

Juice Detox: Time Saving Tips & Tricks

I’ve always loved smoothies! They are delicious, easy and depending on what you put in them, c

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Juice Detox: Time Saving Tips & Tricks

Acai Berry Bowl

Acai bogyós reggeli 🍇 Az acai kinézetre az áfonyára emlékeztetö antioxidáns bogyó, melyben rengeteg vitamin, nyomelem, flavonoidok, aminosavak és szívvédö zsírsavak találhatóak. Antocianinokban gazdag, melynek többek között sötétlila színét is köszönheti. Magas rosttartalma serkenti az emésztést, a gyümölcs omega 3 és omega 6 zsírtartalma pedig hozzájárul a memória és a koncentrációs képesség javításához. Az acai bogyó vitaminjai: C,A,B1,B2,B3 és E, valamint nyomelemei: kálcium, magnézium, cink és réz. Az acai erösíti az immunrendszered, tele van antioxidánsokkal és még finom is! 🍍 Boldogság növényi alapokon 🍒 Acai berry bowl 🍇 Acai has a very high content of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, amino acids, and heart-healthy fatty acids. Acai berry is a dark purple coloured fruit – because of their high antocianins content – which is similar to blueberries. The fibre found in acai berry can aid digestion, the high content of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids can help to improve memory, concentration and boost your mental performance. The vitamins found in acai berry are: C,B1,B2,B3 and E and the minerals are: calcium, magnesium,zinc and copper. Acai berries can help to strengthen your immun system, are incredibly high in antioxidant and above all are delicious too! 🍍 Plant-based happiness 🍒

🍍 Plant-based happiness 🍒

🍍 Boldogság növényi alapokon 🍒 🌸 Ettél már acai bogyós fagyit reggelire? Én a következöképpen készítem: 🌸 Turmixolj három-négy fagyasztott banánt, két teáskanál acai bogyó porral. Ha nagy teljesítményü a mixered, akkor ne adj hozzá semmit, ellenkezö esetben pedig egy kis vizet, vagy növényi tejet. 🌸 Tetején egy fél banán karikákra vágva, eper, étcsoki darabkák, szárított faeper, kókuszvirág szirup és pisztácia. 🌸 Indítsd te is finoman a reggelt✨ 🍍 Plant-based happiness 🍒 🌸 Have you ever eaten an acai berry bowl for breakfast? Here it is how I make it: 🌸 Blend three-four ripe and frozen bananas with two tsp acai berry powder. If you have a powerful mixer you don’t need to add anything, otherwise you have to add a little bit water or plant-based milk. 🌸 Topped with half a banana, strawberries, dark chocolate pieces, dried mullberries, coconut blossom syrup and pistachios. 🌸 Deliciously way to kick start your day✨

Acai Berry Health Benefit Advantages

While acai berry may be a small fruit, it is one of the most powerful super fruits. Packed filled with essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, acai berries have a long list of health benefits. Phytonutrients are amongst the best antioxidant substances offered. With the capability to lower swelling, inflammation, and medical researches are presently being carried out to study the impacts of acai berry on the battle versus cancer. Read this short post complete with extra resources on the health benefits of acai berry. http://bit.ly/1emC9QJ

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Acai Berry Health Benefit Advantages

BREKKY REVIEW: Cocobliss, Bulimba & South Bank 

The girls who brought you Happy Little Dumplings then brought Brisbane Coco Bliss. And wow they have taken Brisbane by storm! I must admit to being a regular diner at both the South Bank and Bulimba stores so my review will reflect multiple experiences…and let’s be honest a whole lot more to come. Food The reason you go to Cocobliss is for a smoothie or a bowl. I have not ventured into the unknown of raw slices and savoury options at Coco Bliss but have stuck to the Acai Bowl menu. What I like about Coco Bliss is that the bases of the acai are different not just the toppings. My all time favourite (pictured below) is the Cherry Ripe Bowl $13 but I a sorry girls those chocolate buckinis are just way too much for breakfast so I have to be a pain and opt for the plain activated buckinis ( check out my post as to what buckinis are ). Cherry Ripe bowl from @cocoblisscollective I am also a fan of the Green Smoothie Bowl (no pics I’m afraid) I love the green smoothie base and it’s nice to opt for a change to acai bowls. Addy’s favourite it is the Bounty Bowl topped with Chocolate coyo, cacao nibs and banana – plus she adds extra kiwi fruit! (Below on the right) Cherry Ripe Bowl (left) and Bounty Bowl (right) from @cocoblisscollective Although I am yet to try Coco Bliss’ new winter menu featuring warm Bircher Muesli and the Strwberries and Cream Protein Bowl which look amazing! Drinks There are way too many smoothies on the menu (but seriously cut it back a bit). My favourite smoothie would have to bet the Chocolate Peanute Butter Smoothie made on Coconut Milk it is the best post workout fuel! Also the Green Smoothie made on Coconut Water is a great summer cool down! Service I love Coco Bliss and keep going back although unfortunately customer service is a big downfall of theirs. I don’t see much difference between either store but the attendants are stressed, frantic and if not unenthusiastic. I understand acai takes longer than a coffee to make but sometimes the wait is far too long. The Bulimba store is more popular than South Bank but I feel it is inadequately equipped in processes, staff and machinery to keep up with demand. A few simple changes would really help. Locations Nundah is a bit too far out of my way but I am sure I will be in the area soon and check it out. Whilst Bulimba is a great location for a superfood bar I think that Coco Bliss has chosen the complete wrong spot! Parking is an issue and the layout of the cafe really doesn’t work. The long bar seating area could be better utilised. South Bank is more of a grab and go with not much seating again in an odd shaped lot. Personally, I like the Barista to be near the customers so they can interact and improve customer service whereas at South Bank they are tucked away. The Verdict: well this is a tough one, I keep going back to Coco Bliss for their yummy bowls and smoothies but on paper I really don’t see why I am. Both locations need to pick up their act on service but all of this can be improved with a few easy fixes. Overall 7.5/10

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